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FM Home Ritual Collection

FM Home Ritual Collection

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100ml Fragrance Sticks matching one of the most popular fragrance Allow yourself a bit of luxury with the unique scents in a beautiful setting. ◾sophisticated fragrance compositions will fill your room with a long-lasting unique scent ◾elegant design ◾long-lasting – up to 70 days! _____________ → Ingredients: α-methyl-1,3-benzodioxole-5-propionaldehyde, lilial, 7-hydroxycitronellal, methyl cedryl ketone, linalool, cashmeran, OTNE, α-isomethylionone, caryophyllene, citronellol
Total weight : 310.0 [g]
Net weight : 310.0 [g]

HOME RITUAL SCENTED WAX MELTS fill the interior of your home with a beautiful scent. Thanks to the unique fragrance compositions, it makes it even more enjoyable to spend time at home. The wax melts are made of eco-friendly raw materials of the highest quality and are not only good for your household members, but also for the environment.

Total weight : 75.0 [g]
Net weight : 75.0 [g]
Your scented ritual at home & an appealing decoration for any interior. A treat for your home and a beautiful gift for a loved one. Our high-quality Home Ritual Fragrance Candles use hydro-refined paraffin and a wick that meet strict requirements of the German RAL standard in terms of: • scent intensity, • optimal burn-up behaviour, • wick quality – a strong cotton wick of suitable thickness, resistant to breaking and drowning, • minimal smouldering, which does not pollute the airways, • reduced soot, which ensures the candle looks beautiful when used. Candle burn time: between 35 and 40 hours! INDULGE IN AN AROMATIC EXPERIENCE - with the Home Ritual Fragrance Candle that will fill your rooms with amazing scent! This 150g luxury fragrance candle is inspired by the best-selling PURE PARFUM 18. It is an enchanting combination of energetic citrusy tones with sensual wood notes. A balanced fragrance composition introduces to your interior classy and elegant ambience. ______________ → Ingredients: Fragrance composition, paraffin
Total weight : 367.0 [g]
Net weight : 367.0 [g]
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